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My websites are,, and

My website i made it like a shopping website and it has pictures and prices.




Ideation is the mode of the design process in which you concentrate on idea generation. Mentally it represents a process of “going wide” in terms of concepts fro building prototypes and getting innovative solutions into hands of your user


Point of view Statement:                                                                                                                                    Ms. Alvarez is an algebra teacher at lindblom and notices that her  students don’t have a good time with group activities or assignments.                                                                             

Point of view  Questions:                                                                  

  1. How could we make more group work more entertaining?
  2. How can I help the students to like social work?
  3. How can I find out which students like social work?
  4. How can I assign good independent work?
  5. How might I get the class to engage more ?
  6. How might other teaching styles work in both the students’ and my favor?
  7. How can we have an after school club for students that like social work?
  8. How much time should we spend on a lesson
  9. How can I challenge my class?


Brainstorm 60 ideas that address these questions:

  1. ask teachers for advice
  2. Ask class For what they want to learn (what way)
  3. make surveys
  4. make an optional start of class
  5. Put worksheets
  6. Do book-work
  7. make tests
  8. tell students to talk to each other during work
  9. allow open time for all class but still do work
  10. inform students on social work
  11. reward students on social activities
  12. let class walk around school to do work
  13. give open time in class
  14. let students pick on what homework they want to do
  15. observe class behavior
  16. Give harder work
  17. ask teachers for lesson plans
  18. copy lesson plans of the internet
  19. make a math team
  20. ask the math department
  21. have a 30 min social break
  22. get rid of hard lessons
  23. give a pop quiz once a week
  24. give out surveys to find out what students like
  25. suspend students for not listening
  26. call the dean
  27. give extra assignments to students ahead
  28. give 5 minutes personal attention
  29. help every student
  30. try new styles every week
  31. transfer classes
  32. host after school study hall
  33. make a website that takes affect from students for class work
  34. Quit… 🙂
  35. take a vacation and come back hoping he students are more excited for class
  36. play music to make group activities more interesting
  37. do nothing and cry
  38. become more aggressive with students
  39. kick out students who wont listen
  40. take 10 minute breaks every class to check in everyone’s understanding
  41. allow students to have 5 minute break
  42. stalk to your student
  43. talk to your department
  44. ask TA’s to help assist you
  45. let students do group projects
  46. study other teachers teaching styles
  47. ask students on their opinion
  48. talk to the principal
  49. talk to the deen
  50. don’t throw multiple concepts to the students
  51. give students at least 2 weeks to understand concepts
  52. spark up the class period
  53. let students to partner work
  54. let students do partner assignments
  55. do your lesson plans
  56. create group discussion
  57. let the students do group readings
  58. limit the note taking
  59. relate to the students when you teach
  60. make an app
  61. show math videos
  62. do group projects that make the majority of their grade


  TOP 3                                  

What is binary?

  1. Binary is a coding system that uses the numbers 1 and 0 to make sentences, pictures, ect on a computer or electrical device.
  2. base 10 is the numbers 0-9 and base 2 is numbers 1 and 0.
  3. Computers use binary because it is a much easier way to code for computers because they process information faster like that.
  4. 010010100111010101100001011011100010000001010110011001010110011101100001. (Translated: Juan Vega)

Problem Solving: Boat

Yes, My group did do the four step plan because we first needed to find the problem, then we had to find a plan to do it, next we had to do the plan , finally we had to reflect on what happened.

The reflection step because after we found the problem we retried it and made a better boat.

The first step because i had less information in that step.

Yes everyone in my group did contribute evenly because we all put in our ideas in the boat.

I helped make the boat and gave some ideas.

I could use this problem solving process by doing it in complicated situations.


Tessellation: is a shape that could connect to itself if repeated

iteration:the repetition of a process or utterance

Dilation: A dilation is a transformation (notation ) that produces an image that is the same shape as the original, but is a different size. A dilation stretches or shrinks the original figure.

Tessellations originated in ancient Rome when artist put them around paintings to make the artwork look much larger then it originally was.Their are two kinds of tessellations one called Alhambra. They are made of colored tiles forming patterns, many truly symmetrical, geometrical and beautiful. Escher’s version is a second type. He used it to make plants animals and humans in the tessellation final position.

Tessellations connect to computer science because they are like coding because with one wrong (Code) it will not fit in or work out.Basically, this is also what happens with the colored dots on your computer screen: they’re lined up and colored to create a bigger picture.

How does tessellations connect with computer science and coding?

This connects to computer science and coding because you have to find a shape that will fit with all the other shapes like coding how you have to find a program that will fit with all of the other programs.


Scenario: Breaking up with a significant other

Communication Method: Face-to-Face

Reason: I would do it face to face because they are my significant other and i feel like i have to tell them face to face to let them know properly with emotions.

What Data is available: The break up with emotion

Who is accessible to the data: The significant other

What can be learned from the data in Aggregate: That most people will like to do it that way too


Scenario: Asking parents permission to do something when you think they will likely say ‘No’

Communication Method:  Face-to-Face

Reason: I would do it face to face because if i did it face to face they would have most likely thought about it because i could beg and tell them in complete description who is going and where we are going

What Data is available: Asking to go to a place

Who is accessible to the data: My parents

What can be learned from the data in Aggregate: People will do the same thing



Scenario:Get help on homework

Communication Method: Snap chat or Kik

Reason:so they could send me pictures of the homework with the right page number

What Data is available: the question of what homework i have

Who is accessible to the data: My friends in that class

What can be learned from the data in Aggregate: The answer to that homework



Scenario:Gossip about someone not around you

Communication Method: Snap chat

Reason: The conversation could erase in 10 seconds and so nobody around you could hear too.



Scenario:Gossip about someone who could hear you if you spoke

Communication Method: Snap chat

Reason: The conversation could erase in 10 seconds and so nobody around you could hear too, like the person that i am talking about.

How does the type of data being exchanged affect what method you choose:  It affects the method that you use because if you need to tell emotion or something that wont be able without face to face or you have to say it through electronic device because of something else.

Computer buying project


Apple Jones is a film director major in college. She has a full scholarship in   film and has a part time job at a film studio.Since she has a full  scholarship and a part time job, she has the money to buy a nice computer. Apple specializes in horror film and lives for blood and guts. She is looking for a computer that fits her                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               and we helped find her one.