How Did i become the person i am today

            FullSizeRender.jpg   Social institution helped me in a way that is very different because i never fit in with a specific group and this made school very hard for me because like i wasn’t liked that much in any of my schools but when i found out about social media it changed everything because i found a large community of people that are the exact same as i am because their was a artistic community and comedic community, but starting high school everything changed i found a group of people that were just like me. I also made social media as a very important part of my life now as i have companies ask me if i would like to do brand deals or even sponsorship to post pictures of their product because i do SFX on Instagram.


            FullSizeRender (4).jpg  I became the person i am today by the mindset that my parents taught me as a kid. Their is no such thing as normal everyone is unique but uniqueness could be grouped as a community. I also grew up in a very artistic household waking up to Mexican music and the scent of fabuloso and this has made a large part of my life because if my parents had had a different way of raising me i would have been different. I would describe myself as different and out of the ordinary mostly because how there’s so many different parts in my life that had been placed together to make me as a product. My ascribed status was a middle class Hispanic male who was born to two immigrant parents that came from mexico.My life growing up was not like most i was the “first” child but to my mom so i was spoiled but also made to show that a modest life was best because my parents were both raised on ranches so we had the bare minimum. We had some life changes after we found out some serious family problems, my aunt was very jealous of our family and had bad intentions and tried to hurt our family. My role as my family really impacted me because i have to be very over protective over my sisters and i was raised in a house full of women showing me that you should respect a women and treat them with love and respect. I view myself way in the future with a wife and two kids but i will raise them like how i was raised with modestly and good morals.


              img_0610       My role in my elementary school was the outcast mostly because i didn’t fit the popular kids standards and because i wasn’t appealing to the eye, i wasn’t a cute child in short words . Sadly this was true and i really didn’t have that many friends and the lord truly didn’t bless me in the looks department, and compared to my role at Lindblom i found my group and i am not a loner anymore i have more friends and everything is just too go to be true. Math class really impacted me because i didn’t have a close bond with my old math teacher and it showed me that i didn’t have to get to people standards to reach for the stars. I also wanted to go to a selective enrollment school because i was in a charter school all 8 years or school.


               jaliscoI am Hispanic. The role that my race/ethnicity placed on me is a negative one because our new president Donald j Trump has said some very horrible things about Mexicans and Hispanics calling us drug dealers, rapist, and a plethora of other worse adjectives. The first time i was aware that i was very different was when i was on a playground in a primarily Hispanic school and they were name calling me calling me a liar and that i wasn’t Hispanic and that my name wasn’t Juan because i was a very white child and i notice that they were just calling me out for my looks but in reality my parents are both from Jalisco which is very known for having blond haired blue eyed Mexicans because Spanish settlers stayed their and colonized their making me look less “Mexican” and more white.  My two people that challenged my own understanding were those kids and a old teacher that didn’t believe i was Hispanic even though i was and still am very fluent in the language and had to have a parent teacher meeting to ask my parents what was i and told my parents “are you sure he wasn’t switched at birth”. That caused many problems with my teacher and parents and my parents took me out of that school after that.


            FullSizeRender (5).jpg The most influential media i have is instagram because i have a growing business because companies message me and send me stuff in the mail so i could try it out and review it or just even tag them in the picture and they pay me for that . Social media in my life is very important because i want to become a social media influencer and be able to have a job in social media then in a office. My life is showcased on my social media on three different accounts my spam account, my personal one, and my SFX, and companies message my SFX one. Social media has affected my achieved status by showing that people also like the type of stuff that i like and want to do for a living.


FullSizeRender (2).jpg    My personality drastically affected how i was view in social institutions became like i said i was a outcast i want really the kid you wanted to hand out with but the kid that was sitting in the corner by himself and this really made me the person i am and i don’t care what people think about me. The impact that i had on my family is that i am the first child of my mom and i was one only of 8 who could have the name as Vega because almost everyone in my family is girls. the impact i have on my media is that i am showing that you get to do what you love starting from the bottom and in just a 4 month period i could be with large multi million dollar companies doing sponsorship.and in my eduation i am trying my best and doing my best and loving who i am.